I’ve been really enjoying capturing some photos from the competition workouts over the last 5 weeks. Here are two of my fave that truly sum up why I love my Crossfit family and what Crossfit stands for.

Mother and Daughter, after completing a workout together in competition.

Strong women. May we be them; may we raise them



And the teamwork. Everyone is in it together, every step of the way.



Ellery Creek Big Hole, March 2018

I decided that I needed a little ‘me’ time after finishing night shifts, now that my car is finally here and all…

Pics from Ellery Creek Big Hole. Still waiting to see a flood, validating the hundreds of ‘floodway’ signs…




When I talk about the gym, I often get asked what is Crossfit or what’s so good about it?

It’s hard to describe what it actually is. I suppose, in essence, it is a mix of functional fitness and olympic lifting. It’s always different, and no matter how good you may think you are at a certain movement, it’s aways bloody hard. I can’t tell you how much I hate the gymnastics rig – pull ups, toes to bar, chest to bar, blah blah blah…

But what I love is watching everyone, and how everyone has their own thing. I’m good at olympic lifting, but crap at pull ups; you’re good at gymnastics, but struggle with your mobility in the bottom of a squat. It’s so cool to see everyone smashing their own goals, whether it be a beginner learning to clean, or a veteran cross fitter getting their first muscle up. I love it.

But what I love most is the camaraderie, the support, the teamwork, the vibes. Everyone is so bloody friendly, so supportive and your personal victory becomes a victory for the box. It’s addicting, and really is a big family. I’m so glad to have found a box in the Outback that I’m loving being apart of, that has reignited my spark to train. Full credit to the owners, coaches & members – you’re all awesome

Hopefully these pictures sum it up…


Uluru Sunrises, and coffee.




Cheers, darling

7 March, 2018

Sunset with champagne & canapés overlooking Ularu. Does it get much better?

This was then followed by ‘Field of Light’ – a light instillation by Bruno Munro, with over 50,000 solar lights at the base of Uluru.



Kata Tjuta


Picnic time at Ormiston Gorge


Sunrise on ANZAC Hill


Gorges & Waterholes

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Welcome to Alice. Simpson’s Gap.

Well… we have arrived in Alice Springs! Day 1 done and dusted.

It never rains in Alice.

Of course, it rained when we got here. Nonetheless, it’s blood beautiful. Colour photos are of Mum and I at Simpsons Gap. Also, our hire car is red. Very red.

The black and white photo is from a morning walk today just around our hotel. The locals are very friendly, and she pointed out the rock wallabies. Can you spot them, on top of the mountain?


Farewell lunch


Minnie Water