I finally made a blog.

After a lot of thought and delay, here I am. Finally.

Welcome to my blog; my outlet; my diary, if you like.

I wouldn’t say that I am new to the blogging world – I’ve had blogs in the past, some quite successful. My photographic Tumblr blog back in school accumulated 99,000+ followers; my Instagram photo blog has 30,000+ followers. But I’ve never really blogged my writing or thoughts. Perhaps a fear of judgement or repercussion?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but have always seemed to struggle with allowing the time to do so, or the stimuli to capture my wonder. I’ve since decided, however, that it doesn’t take extraordinary things to write a blog. I want to write my thoughts, more so for me than for you, and record my experiences so that tomorrow I can escape back into yesteryear and realise how far I’ve come, what I’ve learnt, and that life isn’t too bad after all.

Welcome to me, chasing my soul & my sense of self.

Enjoy. And feel free to hit me a message or two.

Xo Katie