Thursday 16 August, 2018. Matilda and I, followed by John & Shibin headed out to Trephina Gorge. We set up camp (John’s first trip camping at 27!) and headed out for a soul smiling, blissful 13km ‘Ridgetop Walk’. It stole my heart, and I almost exploded with excitement when I saw water. I can’t believe the vast array of different landscape we travelled through. It was hot, and the boys weren’t exactly prepared, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I’m thankful for the sheila who picked us up along the road and cut the 19km walk to a 13km walk, giving us a lift back to the campground. The stars were unreal, and Tilda and I manned the campfire well. Listening to the dingos howling was so special.

Friday 17 August. The boys were up and gone early. 0630hrs early, perhaps warranting an explanation of what Aussie Camp Etiquette is. Alas, Tilda and I headed to N’Dahla to explore the short walk there. Wild Brumbies on the way in! I’ve never seen wild brumbies, despite growing up with horses all my life. We saw some pretty cool Aboriginal Rock Art, too.

Enjoy the pics xx Click for more


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