Kata Tjuta

7 March, 2018

Some photos from my walk at Kata Tjuta today. A combination of both iPhone & SLR photographs.

How stunning is this place. I didn’t even know it was there – Uluru gets all the attention, but this was pretty spectacular – particularly being able to walk through it (you can only walk around Uluru as it’s just one rock; Kata Tjuta means ‘many heads’).



Above: Kata Tjuta from the viewing platform on the road.

Below: Outback roads



Below: We did the “Valley of the Winds” walk. Incredible views. I’ve included some photos of me, and other tourists, to add some perspective on size – these rock formations are HUGE. I did the walk with a work colleague – that’s us in the photo at the lookout.



Above: Even the ground was amazing!

Below: It was pretty warm – we did the walk from about 1pm – 3pm, although it was quite pleasant compared to the 40+ degree days we’ve had for the past few weeks. Check out the hot weather warning sign. Thankfully, there were ‘Kupi’ drinking water stations along the walk.


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