Australia, congratulations! You’ve done it! You’ve taken a giant leap towards equality. What a historic day!

I can’t say the marriage equality debate is one that I’ve followed with a fine tooth comb, but equality is something I am passionate about. And I for the life of me cannot seem to understand why or how people exist who believe it is fair and just for such discrimination in marriage equality.

Marriage is religious? I’ll believe that when I see you go to Church every Sunday; when you do not use fowl language; when you treat all others as your equals (which you obviously do not if you do not agree with marriage equality); the list goes on.

Marriage is for heterosexual couples, and allowing others to marry will diminish the sacristy of marriage? Ok, well when the divorce rates plummet, when people stop marrying for Visas, for money, for insecurity… then I might consider your view. Until then, nope.

If we allow same sex marriage, our children will suffer? Open your eyes.

Children need a Mum and a Dad? No. Children need love; they need commitment; they need education, support, opportunity, sacrifice… but most of all, love.

But most of all, how does your marriage, your choices, your love affect me? I don’t even know you… what makes it my right to determine who you can love?

We are arguing over LOVE! Does that not seem absurd? We should be encouraging love! In a world so messed up and the newspapers smeared with heartbreak and death, we should be embracing love, however it is shown. And we must lead by example for our children, to show them that they can be brave, we can create change, and we will accept one and others differences.

Love is love.

Congratulations, Australia.

You’ve [finally] done well.




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