The Carousel Keeps Turning

Long standing thoughts and wonders, inspired by my job but reinforced by the loss of loved ones…

I am constantly bewildered by the notion that ‘life just keeps going’. It’s a concept that I haven’t wrapped by head around, despite much thought and reflection on the matter.

How is it that one person is having the best day of their life, whilst another person is living their absolute worst nightmare? Even more, how can it be that such polar opposites of human emotion can simultaneously unfold in adjacent rooms?

As a nurse, I am fascinated and a little overwhelmed by the idea that I can be leaving a patient in one hospital room who has just found out their diagnosis is cancer, and walk down the hallway to another room; a couple who have just welcomed their first child. How am I expected to act? Do I carry myself with the sorrow of that cancer diagnosis that unquestionably saddens me, or do I allow myself to absorb in the joy and love of the bedroom next door? I guess it’s similar to being a puppet, putting on a show for each patient and each encounter. It’s draining. I often come home and take solace in my own silent company. But my wonderment is not with my own feelings; it’s the bigger picture; the highs and lows of life.

Heck, that person at the coffee shop may still push in front of you, whether you’ve just welcomed your healthy first born or received a doomsday diagnosis. That person has no clue.

It fascinates me to no end. The carousel never stops turning, and you’re either on or your off. There is no in between.

Stay kind. Cease judgment. Allow one another to balance the pendulum.


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