Gorges & Waterholes

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Welcome to Alice. Simpson’s Gap.


Well… we have arrived in Alice Springs! Day 1 done and dusted.

It never rains in Alice.

Of course, it rained when we got here. Nonetheless, it’s blood beautiful. Colour photos are of Mum and I at Simpsons Gap. Also, our hire car is red. Very red.

The black and white photo is from a morning walk today just around our hotel. The locals are very friendly, and she pointed out the rock wallabies. Can you spot them, on top of the mountain?

The end of an Era


Yesterday I walked out the doors of the Emergency Department and into the car park for the last time.

The end of an era. A truly wonderful era.

I have loved every single minute (mostly) of my time at Queanbeyan Hospital, and cherish the memories I have. I have been lucky enough to work with the most amazing team, and learn from some of the most wonderful nurses, doctors and paramedics.

I will miss this place deeply.


A new chapter begins…